Friday, February 3, 2017

Watercolor Painting Workshop

Yesterday, I took a beginning watercolor painting class with instructor Terry Collington at the Middletown Library.  The workshop was yet another offering of the Makery@Middletown series, through which I have taken papermaking, painted river rocks, and a jewelry-making class in the past.
Terry brought us to the front of the room to offer demonstrations of each step of the painting process, and our ultimate plan was to complete a watercolor birch tree scene, similar to the sample she offered us.
My finished project won't take the watercolor world by storm, to be sure, but it's always a good day when I get to fling a little paint around.
Here is the piece under a black mat to give a sense of what it might look like if it were framed. I believe the instructor's word was "bland" when it came to my sponge painted background; I tend to agree.
I brought the painting home, spattered some blue paint over top of it, and cut it into two postcards and a bookmark. After adhering some cut-out phrases from magazines, I outlined the papers in black Sharpie pen, and I'm pretty happy with the results.
I am a mixed-media artist at heart, and will seldom be satisfied with a straight-up watercolor painting that hasn't been "messed around with" in some way!


jenclair said...

love the postcards and bookmark!

daisy said...

Nothing bland about them now! Great idea on re-purposing!

Jewels said...

You sure made lemonade with your re purposed birches Andria!Nice job. I took a water colour class last summer and decided it was really not for me - I'm an acrylic girl (it feels a little more forgiving lol).

Sue Hare said...

I love that you keep experimenting and trying new things. I especially like the way you cut up your original art piece and now have multiples to enjoy!

Jude said...

Nice job. I always wanted to try water coloring but I am too stiff. I think you need to be free flowing!

Meari said...

Love your postcard idea